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Did you know PSI is the 1st South African
Sport Performance Institute with a
full Dynostics system?

  • Metabolic analysis
  • Basal metabolic rate analysis
  • Power analysis
  • Individual nutrition and exercise strategy

Metabolism analysis for a tailored nutritional and training strategy

The metabolism analysis DYNOSTICS nutrition determines the personal basal metabolic rate, which means the exact calorie consumption per day, as well as the proportion of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Smart measurement of individual basal metabolic rate as a high-quality entry-level tool for your customers and those who could become one.

Less time spent: 5-minute rest test provides an ideal start and finishing point for effective training and targeted nutrition Integrated DYNOSTICS app delivers personalized nutritional recommendations right after analysis, tailored to your customers’ goals

Detailed breakdown: exact calorie consumption per day including percentage of carbohydrates, fat and protein

dynostics system

Dynostics Performance

Performance analysis to the individual pulse ranges

DYNOSTICS performance shows exactly in which pulse ranges the most fat is burnt, when power is increased and when muscles in the anaerobic area over acidify.

Integrated DYNOSTICS app provides customized training recommendations tailored to your customer’s personal goal

Optimal pulse range: analysis of fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise (aerobic vs. anaerobic) Regular control measurements: ideal as a long-term customer loyalty step

Smart analysis system: best available examination quality and informative value through fully automated operation.




Our physiotherapists and rehab specialists collaborate with our performance team to create individualized and comprehensive rehabilitation plans. They systematically support people to fully recover from injury or surgery in the most efficient way possible.

Through a personalized approach to rehabilitation, our physiotherapists and rehab specialists provide effective and efficient paths toward recovery.

Our rehab staff bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance, engaging a progressive approach to treatment. In collaboration with performance specialists and sport nutrition specialists, they focus on helping the person as a whole recover from injury or surgery in the most efficient and effective manner.

Depending on your needs, our physiotherapist and or rehab specialists can provide return-to-sport rehabilitation, prevention, and occupational and orthopedic therapies. Like our specialists and nutritionists, our physiotherapist and rehab specialists work in collaboration with our network of researchers, industry professionals, and partners.


Nutrition is the fuel to your optimal performance:

Our sport nutrition specialists are educated and experienced in providing individuals and athletes with the guidance, support, and motivation they need to nourish their bodies for optimal performance in all facets of sport and life

Sport nutrition specialists create nutrition plans and guide people to fuel their bodies for optimal performance at work, home, and play.

Nutrition provides the substrates to fuel the mind and body and maximize performance. Our sport nutrition specialists aim to make it easier and more meaningful for people to fuel their bodies.

Our nutrition team members are experienced, dynamic public speakers and experts in performance nutrition.

They work to stay on the forefront of science and research in their fields by collaborating with our network of researchers, partners, and industry professionals.

Our sport nutrition specialists coordinate nutrition-related programming, lead one-on-one and group nutrition consultations, and develop nutrition and supplementation plans. Because we focus on nutrition as the foundation for success, our sport nutrition specialists help integrate nutrition into other areas of health and wellness programs.

Depending on your needs, our sport nutrition specialists can provide education, consultation and nutritional plans.

Dynostics Combo
(Nutritional & Performance)


Dynostics Nutrition



Our lifestyle and mental strength coaches work with individuals and athletes to improve performance by strengthening their mind-body connection and ability to handle pressure, daily stress and anxiety. Provide the resources you as an individual or player needs to achieve a state of mind that helps you perform at your best.

Lifestyle and mental strength coaches play a distinctive role in PSI for guiding individuals and athletes in all areas of their lives.

Our lifestyle and mental strength coaches first determine the skills your players need to succeed in their sport or position through athlete profiling, then advise them on how to optimize these skills. In addition to employing PSI methodology, they use visualization, positive self-talk, meditation, goal setting and focus strategies to help strengthen the mind-body connection, allowing athletes to achieve a state of mind that helps them consistently perform at a high level.

Mental Strength - 1st Session


Mental Strength - Follow up sessions



PSI Sports masseuses provides treatment with the understanding not only of anatomy and physiology but also of the demands placed upon the body by the client and their specific sport. PSI Sports massage serves as the mandate of returning you to your desired sports activity with the same or an even better level of function. Sports massages can include more aggressive techniques that approach muscles more deeply.

PSI Sports masseuses will often utilise a variety of modalities such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, cross fibre techniques and deep tissue work. Primarily, the difference lies with function. That is, returning you to your chosen activity in optimal functional.


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