All It Takes Is That One Step, One jump and a Passion for Sport


Summer holidays are for relaxing next to the pool, catching up on Netflix and working on your tan, however, for many coaches and athletes the question remains of how they could best prepare for the upcoming season. Luckily for a group of Highschool netball girls and their coaches, PSI is fully equipped to educate them on an individual and sport-specific conditioning program. The program is focused on providing a baseline of capabilities which promotes performance enhancement and to act as a guideline on what specific improvements are needed.

Before the summer holiday, these netball girls spent time at PSI taking part in performance analysis such as reaction timing using the SMARTSPEED system, peak power testing on the Wattbike and many more.

But the true test came when these netball girls had to redo all the testing which not only identifies where the players have made progress but also if any additional adjustments should be made in the players training schedule for peak performance enhancement.

People ask; “why do we use the SMARTSPEED system?”, simply because the system provides us as Sport Scientist & Strength & Conditioning coaches, to look at the athlete’s speed, not only when moving forward, but also when changing direction. Measuring various aspects also means assessing the maximal rate at which the player can move and the speed of anticipating the change in direction – all netball gurus would agree that this is a valuable aspect for any netball player!

The peak power test, on the Wattbike, looks at the players’ revolutions versus their relative power, allowing us to determine their functional speed and strength. The explosive power of the lower body is assessed using the SMARTSPEED force plate to determine the speed of the body’s ability to exert a force.

The benefit of PSI’s screening and testing is that it is led by professional sports scientist and strength and conditioning specialists, that are knowledgeable in all areas of sports conditioning. Another benefit of having this knowledge and practical application ability the players’ risk of injury will reduce significantly.

Having pre-team analysis before trials, provides crucial information for the optimal selection of sports positions for the strongest, fittest teams & individual performance. Findings are explained in team-based feedback sessions that provide guidelines, hints, tips and tricks to coaches, players as well as parents to ensure optimal performance for each player.

Sport Specific Testing - Netball Video