Just because we aren’t related doesn’t mean we aren’t family…and we would do anything for family

The past four weeks, I was an outsider looking in on a team who have been drawn together over the years. Connected due to sharing something so delicate and unique; a passion for helping others (yes, I know you thought I was going to say sports). Giving more than 10 hours of your day to help others reach their goals is without question a priority for the PSI team as their most important task is to “take care of our clients”. The personal bond that develops between the athlete and trainer is built on trust, understanding, dedication and friendship.

As an intern, I’ve interviewed all the members of the PSI team, and the feedback I’ve received highlights how inclusive and hybrid the environment is. PSI’s approach in the sports industry, as well as its personality, creates such an interactive and open environment that the culture instantly develops into a growing family. If you look at the twelve individual's part of the PSI team, it is unlikely to find one that is similar to the other. Without their unique personalities, PSI wouldn’t be as vibrant and dynamic as it is today.

Pierre provides them with the ability to create such a healthy and positive culture by extending new opportunities. The pure fact that the PSI team takes any opportunity or challenge to advance allows PSI to continuously grow and remain successful and exciting.

“Every day you get a smile from everyone, good mood, dancing on the floor. Every day is just fun, and we are all there for each other, we all support each other. Every day is different, and if by chance you’re having a bad day, you will receive the reassurance and acceptance you need to get back on track.”

Looking in from the outside, you see a culture that is intelligent, respectful and hard working. Yes, at times it may seem chaotic, probably because they haven’t been able to train yet and don’t know how to contain all the extra energy. But when you become part of the PSI family and experience the caring and motivational vibe, you will understand how PSI is fantastic and fun while remaining professional.

Now I have probably re-written this article a lot, but at the end of the day I won’t ever be able to communicate my experience of PSI’s culture, as there aren’t any words for it, so I would wholeheartedly encourage you, to come to see for yourself.