You have never seen so much PRIDE, so much PASSION and a SPIRIT that embodies the readiness of athletes to make their school proud. Each athlete encouraged to follow in the footsteps of previous legends but also create new footsteps for others to follow – like the u/19 Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool relay team breaking the SA Schools relay record with an official time of 40.51 seconds!

An athlete needs to be mentally strong, prepared to train hard, focused on giving it their all every single time. Just like your school is always there for you, chanting your name, PSI is here to celebrate your successes, cry with you through the pain but, most importantly of all, help you achieve your dreams even when you thought them no longer possible.


On the 21st of February, PSI offered not only added spirit for students to challenge one another’s reaction time on the SMARTSPEED system and in the 6 sec Peak Second test on the Wattbike but also assisting the athletes with sports strapping, sports massage and mental motivation. Many showed they have what it takes in challenges against the PSI team and celebrated by receiving a nice cold bottle of water containing more information regarding the services PSI can provide.

If you have a serious case of #FOMO, no worries, go and have a look at our social media platforms to see how hundreds of students, athletes and cheer squads got to pose with PSI’s new Instagram poster & an awesome overall experience!