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PSI WARS Event 2019

calendar 02 November, 2019authorBy Admin: PSI Team

On the 2nd of November 2019 not only the RWC Final was a big deal, but also the first PSI WARS Event started bright and early!

The PSI WARS event involved 4 Activities on a Wattbike, Airbike, Rower & S-force. Teams of 4 competed against each other for 6 minutes per apparatus, for each member of the team and with 2 min rest in between to recover and move on to the next apparatus in their station.

The team with the greatest distance (total of all members per team) was the big winners of the day!

Fun Fact, the total distance covered during the first PSI WARS event was 565.4km – basically a trip from Johannesburg to Botswana!

We would just once again like to extend our thank you to:

  • Our main sponsor of the event - The IV Bar Irene for the R12 000.00 prizes towards the winners and water for everyone on the day.
  • Ouchie Products for also treating the winners to awesome hampers worth R2000.00
  • USN for providing us with Hydrator & Ultra Vooma for the day
  • Matrix Fitness SA for the awesome prizes
  • Rebel Fitness for the great hampers
  • Mimmo’s & Yiamas’ at Mall@reds for the vouchers worth R1000.00
  • All the athlete that participated and the awesome supporters!
Congratulations to all our winners: Best of the day, Team Reebok with total distance 41.6 km
  • Trent Williams – 10,5km
  • Brandon Jacobs – 10,6km
  • Mick Stocchi – 10,1km
  • Roan Jv Nieuwenhuizen -10,4km

Runners up was the Ultimate Athlete Men( Michael Pruett, Jeremy Kirschner, Craig Foaden & Warren Kelly) with a total distance of 40,6km

Best all Female Team was the Cardio Queens (Kaitlin Friend, Esté Rothman, Anne Valko & Yolandi Roux) with a total distance of 33.5km

Best Female from Team Ultimate Athlete Mixed, Kirsten Jeffery with an individual distance of 9.1km

Best Male from Team Reebok, Brandon Jacobs with an individual distance of 10,6km

Thank you to everyone for setting a high standard for the first of many PSI WARS
Challenges, it was a massive success!

Pierre Loves... The MX4 Group Training System

calendar 04 September, 2019authorBy Admin: Pierre Spies

The first time I was introduced to the Matrix MX4 group training system was in Dubai in this high spec detailed gymnasium situated close to the airport.

Man, how this system pulled my attention as a sport scientist, it had all the bells and whistles a group strength and conditioning specialist longed for and the cherry on the top was it is easily adjustable and space saving and it still looked impressive.

Me being the typical analyst I inspected this system from head to toe… and it struck me, for the first time there is a proper group conditioning system that can accommodate everyone from young to old, from unconditioned to high performance.

And I know what you are thinking: how is this possible?

Here are some highlights of the MX4 that made me come to this conclusion:

  • MX4 truly bridges the gap between training and coaching.
  • The repeatable and expandable system can accommodate from 4 to 12 Athletes/ participants.
  • Easily adaptable periodized weekly plan that includes 3 workouts per week.
  • The programming is developed in such a way to test the individual’s ability and progressively promote all goals within fitness (cardio, power, endurance and strength).
  • Strong sport science fundamentals not only in the type of awesome exercises given but also applying FITT principles (reps, rest, sets, tempo) correctly too.
  • Great motivational tool for athletes in a team format to drive their holistic fitness in the right direction and make them personally accountable for reaching the specific target whether it is weight-loss or becoming more athletic.
  • A great variety of unique equipment (TRX, Wall balls, slam balls, plyo box, dumbbells, landmine, battle rope, kettlebells, power bands, S-drive, Krank cycle, Rower) to supply enough metabolic, neural and mechanical stress for proper total fitness results and having fun while doing so…
Is the MX4 system properly accredited, yes!!! It has my stamp of approval…

Pierre Loves... The Connexus Home Trainer (Progressive Platform)

calendar 16 April, 2019authorBy Admin: Pierre Spies

Pierre loves the Connexus Home Functional Training system:

The Connexus Home Functional Training system is a great progressive platform for reconditioning!!! Why? Let’s start dissecting its functionality in reconditioning part by part…

Training Bar and Cradles:

The Weighted training bar can be used for basic movement preparation squat, push, pull, hinge or rotation exercises right through to highly progressive functional reconditioning by just adding the selection of three progressive elastics (2 light, 2 medium, 2 heavy).
The Training bar cradles, make it easy to secure the bar at a variety of heights for a more stable yet effective upper body pushing actions (exercise examples: Push-ups, dips, or triceps press-outs) as well as pulling actions (exercise examples: horizontal pull-ups and chin- ups) in the horizontal plane.

Pull-up Bar:

The Pull-up bar allows for a full range of pulling actions in the vertical plane, one can do pull ups to chin on this sturdy bar with ease.
What makes pull-ups epic you ask? Well it’s a great tool for any fitness specialist to test relative upper body strength (very reliable test to compare functional upper body strength from youth to professional athletes).

Do you need to stretch the Latissimus dorsi or maybe need to train it in a retrogressive state? No problem! The overhead pull-up bar makes a good anchor attachment for a variety of overhead elastic exercises (Exercise examples: straight arm Lat pull downs, Lat pull downs, face pulls, scarecrows, overhead wood chops etc.), but that same attached elastic can also be assistive in nature by supporting the unconditioned user when performing a sometimes hard as hell pull-up.

Power Grid

Power grid provides a wide range of attachment points for resistance bands, thus being a platform where the user can utilize multiple angles for muscular activation and joint movement capabilities but also accentuating an endless variety of exercises from rehab conditioning to high performance power movements (exercise examples: elastic internal shoulder rotation to elastic resisted sprinting marches).

The wide range of angles to work from makes the power grid also a stable platform where the user can either stretch the different joint angles and specific muscle pennations (stretching examples: standing quad stretch, adductor stretch, hamstring stretch, gluteal stretch, pectoral stretch, shoulder stretch, lat stretch etc.) or activate them through a variety of exercises (exercises examples: Bulgarian split squats, hand stand push-ups, elevated plank variations or gluteal bridges)

Suspension Trainer and Anchor

Do you want to provide the user with a new progressed stimuli, well guess what you can – The gravity resisted training with less stability (promoting proprioceptive markers) for new adaptations; the Suspension Trainer and Anchor allows for hundreds of body-weight and gravity-based exercises from static and dynamic core work as well as powerful movements to cardio suspension trainer burpees, OUCH! But so gooooooooooooood!!!

Progression Lines

Progression lines on the activity base, I call it the progressive platform, help users maintain proper form and serves as markers for the user to complete full range of motion when performing unilateral lower body exercises and tests (exercise examples: lunges variations, modified star excursion test, floor hamstring slides etc.). This makes it easy for rehab and reconditioning professionals to correlate any movement compensation patterns (stiffness vs. greater range in certain joints).

Smart Storage Chalkboard

Smart storage chalkboard attaches anywhere on the power grid to keep your smartphone or tablet in view, while the chalkboard offers a convenient place to make workout notes, one can also hook the clipboard at multiple levels and use it to video record your Patient/ client/ athletes form and to provide visual cues and feedback on form, technique or injury prone compensation patterns.

Base Anchors

Solid base anchors offer unique attachment points for resistance bands, providing a great base for vertical, horizontal and diagonal trajectory of elastic resisted exercises. Imperative for sport performance but also reconditioning.

Suspension Strap Hooks

The suspension strap hooks on the Connexus Home Trainer keep suspension straps conveniently out of the way when not in use, but can also be used for a variety of upper body conditioning and reconditioning exercises in a unilateral fashion (exercise examples: T-pulls, back fly’s, rows to external rotations to press, decline chest presses to fly’s).

Foam Roller

The Connexus Home does not only provide a platform for Cardio training, General strength training, Speed training, Power training, Flexibility training, Reconditioning and Functional testing, wow that was a mouthful, but also includes a foam roller for improving mobility and range of motion by releasing adhesions, trigger points and promoting positive remodeling of unwanted granulation.

The Connexus Home is a wonderful tool, it caters for not only the home user but athlete, patient and unconditioned individuals.

P.S This piece of equipment is a progressive platform for functional testing, reconditioning, fitness and performance training all in one package!


Running New Trend

calendar 25 March, 2019authorBy Admin: Pierre Spies

Pierre Spies, a fanatical Sport Scientist and senior lecturer with 10 years’ experience in educating, conditioning and training internationally, loves the S-Drive Performance Trainer and here’s why:

The S-Drive Performance Trainer set up is fast and easy and it can be used effortlessly in sport specific power development programs and in HIIT training environments like circuit training.

If you need to promote triple extension and leg power drills with sled pushes but you don’t have the space, no problem! The S-Drive treadmill will give you that true to life weighted sled pushing experience with eight resistance settings to progress your programming when required.

When focusing on running velocity in an upright position, the S-Drive will provide that smooth- resisted – flight phase- sprint- feeling with its parachute brake ideal for developing speed.

If you want to improve primary running technique, well the S-Drive will provide… the adjustable harness and its unique frame-mounted design, makes it easy for you as trainer to observe and provide real time feedback on different sprinting mechanics to progress athletes sprinting form.

The S-Drive Performance Trainer can significantly enhance explosive leg power and speed endurance. In addition, athletes can improve overall agility and direction of leg movement by introducing forward, lateral or reverse movements in their S-Drive programming.

Trainers can not only develop acceleration phase of sprinting, but also de-acceleration phase of sprinting on the S-Drive which promotes injury preventative conditioning as well.

This piece of equipment is great for tailoring a variety of training programs to meet the extensive goals of athletes at all levels.

Benefits of the S-Drive Performance Trainer and what it can do for you:

  • Improve anaerobic endurance capacity.
  • Improve leg strength, speed, power and speed endurance (quadriceps, gluteal muscles, hip flexors, hamstring group).
  • Multiple leg movement patterns = 3 dimensional leg conditioning tool- forward (anterior), lateral, and reverse (posterior).
  • Advance sprinting technique.
  • Increase sprinting speed.
  • Progress agility capability.
  • Great tool for Increasing (EPOC) exercise post oxygen consumption. Abundant metabolic stressor, for promoting weight loss by means of (HIIT) high intensity interval training.
  • Full perimeter handrails help make entering and exiting easy. They can be used for stability during broad range of movement exercises in athletic training environments and for support in rehabilitation environment.
  • Users are not constrained to pre-set belt speeds, so a wide variety of users can match their workout experience to their needs and fitness goals from unconditioned users and or elderly to advance level athletes.
  • Ideal 7 degree ergonomic angle for developing speed.



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