Group Class

Two sessions a week (30-45 min)
R550.00 per month (8 sessions max)

R450.00 consultation fee (once-off, do not have to pay if new month group class is attended)

Mobility-boxing flow

A combination of flow bodyweight exercises and boxing foundation movements.

This is fun way to pump your heart rate up to its max and recover through dynamic mobility training, rigidity and flexibility. Condition your heart, condition your body.


A high intensity interval training method designed to target and increase your cardiovascular system in fitness.

It can be incorporated into any workout or any style of training. 1 Tabata round consists of 20s work with 10s rest sets can be modified or adapted. Very fun and extremely effective.

Off feet conditioning

This is any conditioning done without over loading the lower limbs. (Cycling, Rowing, Swimming)

This is normally done when athletes have leg injuries or when they have done too much volume on their lower body but still need conditioning.


Ultimate conditioning tool. Not only is the Wattbike a tool to condition athletes but it can be also be used for testing and monitoring athletes.

Fat to Fab

Can't stop, won't stop. The idea is to keep moving, light weights or no weights, high repetition. Suitable for beginners and the experienced fitness fanatic. Watch the fat melt off.

Muscle mania

The best way to get your body into shape and lose weight. Eccentric training, heavy lifting and solid gains all in one amazing package.

Blowing up those muscles and getting the look that you've always wanted.

Box Fit

High intensity functional fitness training. Incorporating basic boxing fundamentals and full body conditioning in a one hour session that will make you sweat and burn calories even after sessions.

Are you ready for the challenge? Glove up and find out!!

Equipmement specific
intensity training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), making use of specific functional equipment with each session. This is a fun way of punishing yourself to the limit with a combination of short periods of intense effort alternating with recovery periods in between.

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